Strata Form B

Put together Form B and Form F document packages with a few clicks.

What is a strata Form B and F document package?

When a unit in your strata is up for sale the council secretary or property manager has to put together Form B and Form F document packages. The strata corporation is required to provide the Form B: Information Certificate within 7 days of a request. This can be a tedious and time consuming process if done manually. StrataCommons makes this process very easy for all parties involved.

Strata Form B: Information Certificate

Preparing a strata's Form B and F documents

What can be a time consuming and tedious manual process becomes a breeze with StrataCommons Organizer. If you manage your Strata's documents in StrataCommons then preparing a Form B and F document package is as easy as following these steps:

  • You select which documents you want to include with a few mouse clicks.
  • StrataCommons counts all pages and computes the exact fee based on your document selection.
  • You pay the fee to StrataCommons.
  • StrataCommons compiles all the documents into a single ZIP archive file and provides you with a secure download link.
  • You forward the secure link to the buyer's agent in exchange for collecting the Form B fees.
  • The buyer's agent can then simply download the ZIP archive with all the documents for a limited time.
Form B preparation in StrataCommons Organizer

How much does Form B preparation cost?

You can use almost all features of StrataCommons for free: messaging, calendar, work requests, directory, library, and the public website. We only charge if you use StrataCommons to easily prepare Form B document packages. You don't have to use this feature, however we trust that you won't be able to resist it. It makes the whole process dead easy and very quick. Best of all, even though we charge for this feature, you can recoup 100% of your expense from the buyer's agent. As a result you and your strata can benefit from StrataCommons' great features without a single dollar coming out of your strata's budget.

Form B preparation cost

Getting started

Sign up for a free account. It only takes a minute, and you get instant access to the software. You can use all features of the software for free except Form B/F preparation.

StrataCommons will retain the Form B/F fee collected from the buyer's agent, so there is no money coming out of your strata's budget for the use of StrataCommons Organizer.

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