StrataCommons Organizer

Building vital and productive strata communities


StrataCommons Organizer is a web based software service that enables strata owners to enjoy a vital and productive strata community by streamlining corporate processes, improving communications, building institutional memory, and encouraging best practices.

You can also use it to automate your Form B/F preparation and downloads.

It is ideal for self managed strata properties. It is designed to conform with the B.C. Strata Property Act, the B.C. Personal Information Protection Act and is completely owned and operated in Canada.

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StrataCommons Organizer offers council members, owners, and partners everything they need to run a strata smoothly and to keep everyone on the same page:

Council and committee members

  • Communicate privately and efficiently using the online message board.
  • Easily access the strata's institutional memory in the document library and directory.
  • Keep track of work orders using the request management system.

Council secretaries

  • Prepare Form B/F packages in no time and make them available via download. StrataCommons retains the Form B/F fee paid by the buyer's agent.
  • Keep documents organized in the secure document library using group permissions and categories.
  • Deliver required strata documents electronically to owners with a simple click.

Strata owners

  • Participate in group conversations using the online discussion board with instant, daily, or weekly notification emails.
  • Schedule events and activities in the shared calendar.
  • Submit work order requests and stay up to date on their progress.
  • Find up-to-date information about units, members, and partners in the directory.
  • Get 24/7 access to important strata documents and helpful online resources in the library.

Strata unit sellers

  • Promote the strata and units for sale on the public strata website.
  • Get a quick turnaround on Form B/F documents.

Strata partners

  • Provide up-to-date contact info in the directory.
  • Efficiently communicate and exchange documents with lawyers, accountants, and consultants through an access restricted account in StrataCommons Organizer.

StrataCommons Organizer can be accessed directly through a secure website or by email. All data, including email, is protected with the latest technology and hosted in Canadian data centres.

Please see our Privacy policy and Terms of service for more information.



Organizer Subscription

$399 CAD/year or $35.99/month plus GST which includes:

  • unlimited users,
  • conversation postings,
  • conversation summary to personal email including delivery options,
  • council personal email posting and document delivery,
  • calendar,
  • project manager,
  • owner request service,
  • unlimited document storage in PDF format (max 12MB per document),
  • web bookmark library,
  • web page service,
  • private and strata wide groups,
  • standard as well as custom categories,
  • moderator services for inappropriate postings,
  • standard as well as custom fields for users,
  • no contracts, cancel anytime,
  • one month free trial for new stratas.

Form B/F preparation and downloads (optional)

StrataCommons will retain the Form B/F fee collected from the buyer's agent, so there is no money coming out of your strata's budget for the use of this feature:

$35 CAD plus $0.25 a page plus GST.

Set up Services (optional)

$200 CAD plus GST to load documents, strata directory and provide a 2 hour orientation session.


The following technical support is available to complement the software:

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Getting started

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